October Surprise Podcast Series

Episode #7 of October Surprise features Mercer’s Judy Hines: “What hit me at this last 4H show that I went to,” Hines says, “is when a young man showed his dairy cow and then came out and said, ‘Mrs. Hines, I’m going to have to leave this. I can’t do this. I can’t do what my father taught me to do and what I love.’ … Our farmers here, their job is to feed our counties, feed Pennsylvania, and to feed the world. So this tariff is nothing more than a war on farmers. They (our representatives) need to change that.” October Surprise is a podcast created for citizens by citizens in PA’s new 16th Congressional District. Conversations educate listeners in Erie, Crawford, Mercer, Lawrence, and Butler Counties on key issues leading up to Election Day 2018.


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